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Stepparent adoption policies and procedures vary from state to state, and Oklahoma is no different. Below you will find the laws and restrictions surrounding the stepparent adoption process in Oklahoma to help you know what to expect.

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Overview Of The Stepparent Adoption Process in Oklahoma

  • PThe stepparent wishing to adopt and their spouse must file a formal petition for adoption with the Court.
  • POnce the petition is filed, both birth parents of the child to be adopted must consent to the adoption. For the spouse, this often isn’t a problem, but for the other birth parent, it requires them to sign away their parental rights. If the other birth parent consents to the adoption, the adoption process continues relatively smoothly. If they refuse, the adopting party can petition for a court order that terminates the other birth parent’s paternal rights, given certain criteria are met, such as proof of parental abandonment.
  • PDepending on what state you live in and how old the child to be adopted is, you may need to receive consent to the adoption from the child as well.
  • POnce all of the required consents are given or obtained, the final step is a formal hearing before a judge to finalize the adoption via a signed court order that transfers full parental rights to the stepparent.
  • POnce the adoption is finalized, the stepparent receives all of the legal rights and responsibilities as if they were the biological parent.
step up adoption process

Oklahoma Law & Restrictions
on Stepparent Adoptions

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Stepparents seeking to adopt their stepchild must be over the age of 21.

The stepparent must have been married to the birth parent for at least one year; this is to help ensure the marriage is stable and will not have a negative impact on the stepchild’s environment.

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Both the stepparent seeking an adoption and the birth parent they are married to must be present when filing for adoption and complete
the adoption process together.

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The stepchild’s other birth parent must consent to termination of their parental rights before the adoption process can be finalized.

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