FREE forms prepared by our attorneys are available at the bottom of this page for uncontested stepparent adoptions in Oklahoma. HOWEVER, we strongly encourage you to hire an attorney as these are not tailored to your specific needs. You agree to use these forms at your own risk.

The pitfalls of using general pre-prepared forms you find online for your adoption

  • 9Forms purchased online are NOT prepared by actually attorneys. They are often lay individuals with no experience or training . They may claim they are prepared by a “specialist” which means nothing and requires no actual legal training.
  • 9These online forms often contain mistakes and you may not know it until you are already in court and standing in front of the judge. This can be costly to fix and may jeopardize the entire adoption.
  • 9Even if online adoption forms come with a guarantee, a refund may not mean much if mistake cannot be reversed and your adoption case is ruined. Even if it can be fixed, it still means wasted time, stress, and anxiety.
  • 9When you file those forms on your own, you still have to know the process of the court and answer legal questions to the judge you may not know the answer to. This stressful, time-consuming, and often results in the judge denying your adoption or telling you to come back after corrections are made.
  • 9Ultimately, online forms don't save you money and often cause you to lose money after having to start the process over again with an experienced lawyer.


The following forms are in no way a complete adoption process. There are additional requirements/procedures than just the pleadings you file with the Court that are beyond what we can fit on a website page. Hence, why we strongly suggest you hire an attorney.


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