A common concern with stepchild adoption comes when considering the cost to adopt a stepchild in Oklahoma. The thought of hiring an attorney for anything can shift instantly to concerns about how to cover the cost. Several factors impact the price of a legal transaction. It largely depends on the pricing model of the law firm you choose to represent you. 


Adoption legal costs can be affordable. This post will look at standard fees and differences in the pricing models. Our flat fee pricing can mean thousands of dollars in savings on the average cost of a stepparent adoption.


The Traditional Cost to Adopt a Stepchild in Oklahoma

Lawyers can be expensive, and hiring one to adopt your stepchild can leave you with eye-popping invoices from law firms with traditional hourly billing models. In those cases, you pay a smaller up-front retainer, and then the lawyers bill against that retainer at their regular hourly rate. 

The problem? 

Some law firms will entice you with a smaller up-front retainer. Then a few weeks later, you receive notice that your retainer has been depleted, and you now have an eye-popping invoice due immediately. Every week the invoices keep coming with different amounts each time, and you are only halfway through the adoption process. This can be frustrating and stressful since you can’t plan how much it will cost. By the end, you may have spent thousands of dollars more than you expected. It is not out of the ordinary to end up paying $10,000 or more when dealing with this billing model in adoption cases. We think this is outrageous!


Flat Fee Pricing at Step Up Adoptions

We understand you need to be able to plan financially for your family. At Step Up Adoptions, we pride ourselves on making the adoption process as stress-free as possible. That is why we offer flat-free quotes from the start. 


Understanding the Cost to Adopt a Stepchild in Oklahoma

Before you begin the adoption process, it is essential to understand the pricing structure of the legal representation you choose. Make a list of financial questions related to the process and review these with your attorney before moving forward. Getting these answers will ensure you have the financial resources to see the adoption through to completion.


Let Step Up Adoptions Provide Affordable Help

Get a FREE 15-minute initial phone consultation where you receive your flat fee quote. If the stepparent adoption cost quote we give you is more than you can muster, you have lost nothing. You can simply call us back when you are ready. You know ahead of time what the total cost will be. There are no hidden fees or endless invoices.

Don’t wait. Call us for your flat fee quote, and start your stepparent adoption today!