Suppose you’re a single mom and you’ve been killing it in the parent department for quite a while now. You’ve been dating someone special for a while, and they have developed a wonderful bond with your son. And you’re wondering if your boyfriend can adopt your son. This post will discuss the answer to this question.

In Oklahoma the answer is no, he cannot adopt your son no matter how great of a father figure he is. It doesn’t even matter how much he loves your son or how special that bond is. Under Oklahoma law, he cannot adopt your son.

Oklahoma law just doesn’t allow it unless you’re married under Oklahoma law. If he’s married to you, then he can adopt your son. You can get married as fast as tomorrow, and the very next day file your petition for adoption.

At Step Up Adoptions, we recommend you wait at least one year after you get married to file your adoption petition. If you do not wait, you’ll have to do an in-home study where DHS comes to inspect your home. It can be a hassle and adds expense, so we suggest you live your lives for a year before applying for adoption.

After one year, you can ask the court to waive that home study requirement, which the court often does, and it saves you time and effort.

Your boyfriend can’t adopt your son, but a stepparent can. It’s important to note that the stepparent will have all the full rights of a natural parent-even in the event of divorce. So if you and your boyfriend get married and then he adopts your son, it doesn’t go away. If you get divorced later on down the road, he’ll have rights of visitation and custody to that child, just as any other natural parent would.

There are also other exceptions and requirements to apply for a stepparent adoption. If you’re curious to know if you qualify, you can take our eligibility quiz to determine if you’re able to apply in Oklahoma.

Step Up Adoptions can help you navigate the process towards establishing the family and legal rights you desire. Contact one of our attorneys to learn more.