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What Is Stepparent Adoption?

Stepparent adoptions are when someone who marries a spouse with an existing child wishes to formally adopt their stepchild. While they are already related as a result of the marriage, stepparent adoptions are a way of forming a legal bond with the child, allowing the stepparent to assume all the rights and responsibilities of a birth parent.

Most often, these types of adoptions occur when the other birth parent is no longer in the child’s life or not fit to fulfill their parental duties. Stepparent adoptions allow for the restoration of a two-parent family and gives children the support and love they deserve and need to thrive.

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Stepparent adoptions (also referred to as related adoptions) are often easier to complete than regular placements due to the existing family structure that is in place. In many cases, the most time consuming parts of the typical process, such as home studies and interviews, are bypassed in stepparent adoptions, especially if the child to be placed already lives with the stepparent.

Even though the process is simpler, sometimes roadblocks do arise and when they do, you need to be prepared to address them. That’s where we come in.

step up stepparent adoptions oklahoma
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Whether it’s an issue of a biological parent who refuses to consent to the adoption, or simply not knowing where to start, we can help. Our team is well versed in the intricacies and nuances of the stepparent placement process and can help you avoid many of these setbacks before they arise and quickly resolve the ones that do present themselves.

We are passionate about making the placement process available to all and are dedicated to helping every family that comes through our doors make their dreams of adoption a reality.

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Our Step Up Adoption legal team brings decades of collective legal experience and expertise to the table. We are experts at helping parents navigate and finalize their adoption in a quick and efficient manner.

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Many adoptive parents have questions about the stepparent placement process, especially if this is their first time. We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions here for easy reference.

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We are passionate about making the adoption process available to all and are dedicated to helping every family that comes through our doors make their dreams of adoption a reality.


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